Kindergarten Time
Chinese Language Programmes for
N1, N2, K1, K2
(3-6 years old)
For preparing for local Primary school

Preschool Chinese

1. Basic Programmes
Foundation 1 (4 years old)
Develop simple Mandarin aural and listening abilities.
Recognise Chinese characters through picture-word matching activities.
Able to recognise and read simple and common Chinese characters.
Child is able to apply correct sentence structures to express simple sentences after exposure to sentence extension and reconstruction.
Foundation 2 (5 years old)
Prepare child for primary school oral examinations by heightening child’s ability to interpret pictures given and communicate in Mandarin.
Unleash child’s creativity through story continuation activities.
Introduce child to the basic strokes in the Chinese language.
Increase child’s vocabulary by building on language foundation in N2.
Able to extend sentences in Mandarin, reconstructing simple sentences to complex sentences.
Foundation 3 (6 years old)
On the foundation of K1, child is exposed to pictures that are more complex, boosting their ability to communicate in Mandarin further.
Story continuation and the effective illustration of an ending.
Learn Hanyu Pinyin and achieve basic recognition level.
Able to recognize and write common Chinese radicals, at the same time, able to infer definition of Chinese characters though hieroglyphs.
Increase child’s vocabulary by building on foundation in K1; child is able to use these vocabulary to form and extend sentences.
2. Cultural Programmes
Tang Poetry, Idioms, Rules for Students.

3. Delighting Programmes
Introduction to Chinese Phonetics
Learn and master the basics of Hanyu Pinyin.
Competent in pronouncing words using Pinyin and write the pinyin of words dictated by the teacher.
Able to apply Pinyin onto words and phrases independently.
Elementary Mathematics & Critical Thinking
Learn to count, able to understand the mathematical operations of numbers.
Able to differentiate and group items according to its shapes and colours.
Tickle your child’s imagination, develop their skills of expression as we accustom them to view and feel the world with their five senses.
Delightful Reading Preparatory Programme
Be immersed in the world of children literature; heighten your child’s narrative intelligence.
Engage your child in logical reasoning while listening to the story; develop their literacy and comprehension skills through verbal interactions with the teacher.
Create a platform for parent child bonding.
PreSchool Creative Chinese Speech & Drama
Learn (re-arranged) songs and nursery rhymes, participate in role-playing activities.
Tell a story using hand puppets or other mediums, make handicrafts related to the story.
Stimulate your child’s interest in speech & drama through games.

Date & Time
Monday to Friday (5 times a week. There is a choice of 3 types of time.)

Morning class
09:00am - 12:00pm

Afternoon class
01:00pm - 04:00pm / 04:30pm - 07:30pm

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